• Wing Sauces

      With 12 crypto-inspired flavors and counting, Wingthereum will keep you coming back for more.

    • Blazing Bitcoin

      Blazing Bitcoin

      For those of you who like some extra heat, we took the original recipe that made buffalo wings famous and spiced it up a notch, cayenne style! 

    • BTC Genesis

      BTC Genesis

      There's only one true original recipe for hot wings and that's Frank's RedHot Original.  Why would we try to fix something that isn't broken?   

    • Bull Market BBQ

      Bull Market BBQ

      Yeehaw! Even when markets aren't heating up, our Bull Market BBQ is always a great choice for Cowboys and Cowgirls.

    • Fantom Ghost

      Fantom Ghost

      If you like to spice it up a notch, we hope you have a stomach for the hottest sauce we have in stock.  Made with real ghost peppers, our Fantom Ghost sauce might have you asking for an extra glass of ice water! 

    • General Tso Nakamoto

      General Tso Nakamoto

      It's the sauce you've come to love in Chinese restaurants, but now smothered all over your chicken wings.  Chef Nakamoto approved.

    • Lemony Litecoin & Pepper

      Lemony Litecoin & Pepper

      This one's for all you lemon lovers.  Tangy lemon and cracked black pepper combine for a perfect savory rub.  

    • Monero Habanero

      Monero Habanero

      Mangoes & Habaneros combine for the perfect blend of heat and mouth-watering tropical flavors. 

    • Stellar Sriracha Honey

      Stellar Sriracha Honey

      Sweet honey and sriracha combine to make a stellar experience with the perfect bite of savory and sweet.